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Why You Should Be Partying on a Boat

a group of people on a party boat in the water

Have you grown tired of being quarantined in your home? Traveling to or living in Tampa Bay or Fort Lauderdale? Then why don’t you rent a party boat? It’s time to try something different and memorable, and parties don’t get any more epic than when their on one of our party boats in Tampa or…

How Much Does a Party Boat Cost? – 4 Common Questions about Party Boats

a large body of water with a city in the background

If you’re thinking of renting a party boat for any occasion, you might be thinking of the cost of a party boat. In fact, most people usually focus on this aspect more than other areas. While keeping the price in mind is necessary, it is also essential that you focus on other details too. The…

Signing Up for a Booze Cruise in Fort Lauderdale – 4 Things You Should Know

a close up of a bottle of water on a table

When it comes to signing up for a booze cruise in Fort Lauderdale, people usually have a lot of misconceptions about them. Media depictions show them to be extremely unruly, but this is far from the truth. In truth, booze cruises are very controlled and have a lot of fun activities, apart from the all-you-can-eat…

5 Super Fun Games to Play on a Party Boat

a bridge over a body of water

You have planned a day with your closest friends and family on a party boat. You are excited to spend the day on the water, see some cool things, and relax. What else can you do to have some fun on the boat?  Why don’t you step it up a notch with some super fun…

Planning the Ultimate Christmas Party Boat Adventure

a bridge over a body of water

The holidays are here once again, and that means it’s time to plan parties! Whether you’re celebrating with friends, co-workers, your company, or family, Staying Afloat’s party boats are THE best venue to host your event. Pick the Best Time for Your Christmas Party Boat Cruise Whether to choose a daytime adventure or a sunset…

How Much Does a Party Boat Adventure Cost?

a group of people in a boat on a body of water

When you are looking for activities to do in Tampa, a party boat adventure is a must-do activity. On a party boat adventure, you get a unique look at the Tampa area while getting to appreciate the wildlife and nature in our waters.  Party boat adventures are also ideal because you can bring anyone. They…

Tampa Party Boat FAQs With Answers to Make Your Adventure Great!

a group of people in a boat on a body of water

A party boat tour in Tampa is perfect for everything from a company event to a bachelor or bachelorette party to a family get together. You get to enjoy the amazing views, check out the local nature, and take a dip or two to cool off, all while leaving the navigation to our trusty captains. …

Throwing an Epic Bachelor Party in Tampa

a man wearing a hat

Trying to decide what type of bachelor party to throw? Want to avoid overused party ideas and throw the best celebratory night in Tampa? You NEED a party boat! This is a time to let loose with your closest friends before your wedding and take advantage of your last bit of time as a single…

What to Pack in Your Boat Kit for a Family Party Boat Adventure

a group of people posing for a photo

A good family outing includes tons of fun for everyone, from the littlest family member to the oldest. A family party boat adventure is a perfect choice. It allows you to spend quality time with your family while exploring nature, wildlife, and even getting to take a few dips in the water. Like every family…