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Six Things to Know When Renting a Party Boat

a group of people on a boat
Are you thinking of renting a party boat for your next group outing? Know what to expect beforehand with this expertly curated guide to party boat rentals.

We all love to go traveling to new and exotic places because sometimes doing the same old same old can get boring quite fast. 

When you rent a party boat, you can have fun with your friends in an exciting new way without splashing money on an expensive plane ticket. Read this guide we’ve prepared on what you need to know when renting a party boat for groups. 

1. Don’t Worry About Paying for Expensive Food or Drinks

The problem with going out for a night about town is that it ends up being extremely expensive in terms of food and drink costs. If you think that it’s going to be the same when you rent a party boat, then you are sorely mistaken.

A party boat rental allows you to bring your preferred food and drinks on board. That means you can bring the kinds of alcohol you and your guests enjoy. And you can bring foods of all kinds, snacks, and more, without worrying about the additional markup or corkage fees or anything like that.

If you and your friends are always complaining about how expensive drinks and food are in restaurants, bars, and pubs nowadays, then a party boat is exactly what you need to quell that misery. 

2. Have a Captain on Board to Navigate the Waters

Who needs a designated driver when you have a captain on board who will drive the party boat around and take care of all the navigation needs without you having to lift a finger? No need to worry about drinking too much or not having the right skills to drive a boat around.

With Staying Afloat Party Boat, you get some options. If you have a group of 12 people or less, then you can rent the private pontoon boat which comes with a captain. Our larger party boats have a capacity of 45-85 people and come with a captain and an additional first mate. 

  • Tampa Bay location only offers pontoon boats (no public or larger-sized boats)
  • Fort Lauderdale location offers both private pontoon boat rentals and public boat rentals
  • “Island Time” boat – up to 45 people
  • “Teal Titan” boat – up to 85 people

A single ticket on the public boat is $48 which is the lowest price in the market. 

3. Music Is Blasting All the Time

Once you are out on the water, the party boat can blast your favorite music while you and your group are out there dancing away. You can bring your own choice of music on board, so you don’t have to deal with a DJ about which song to play next.

If you are searching for a party with great vibes and unforgettable memories, then a party boat is what you need. Once you try it, you will never want to go back to the traditional way of partying again.

4. Share Costs Between a Group of People

Our private pontoon party boats can carry up to 12 people on board. This means that you can call all your friends and have a huge party together. With a group, everyone pitching in their portion of the boat ride makes it easier to afford for everyone. 

For this it is recommended that everyone knows exactly what the total cost is versus what everyone is expected to pay. Better also to collect payment upfront so you don’t have to chase anyone down after the boat ride to pay their part.

5. Something That You’ve Probably Never Done Before

Are you running out of fun things to do? Well, you can bring some excitement back into your life by renting a pontoon party boat in Tampa or Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Not only will it be something you’ve never done before, but you are going to be able to brag to your friends and colleagues that you spent the weekend on a boat. How often is it that you can say that out loud? 

Get a taste of high society by having a boat party for your next big event rather than a boring party at a club or restaurant. You could even hold your bachelor or bachelorette party on a party boat. 

Planning a corporate event? A party boat rental is a perfect solution to that as well (This would be best with the larger boats in Fort Lauderdale that fit between 45 – 85 people depending on the boat). 

6. Book in Advance So You Don’t Miss Out

Water-based entertainment experiences are becoming ever more popular. Not only that, but Staying Afloat Party Boat is one of the highest 5-star reviewed party boats in the city (Over 500+ Reviews with a 5-star rating).

That’s why you must book your rental in advance, so you don’t miss out on a great experience on the water. 

The Vibes Start With a Party Boat Rental

It’s time you got out of your comfort zone and tried a party boat rental in Tampa or Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There’s a better way to party and Stay Afloat Boat Party wants to show you what that’s all about.

Contact us today and enquire about how we can make your next party the best experience you’ve ever had.