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bachelorette party boat

Celebrate Your Last Night of Singledom on a Bachelorette Party Boat

There is NO party in the area like a party boat party, so a boat is the perfect venue for bachelorette fun. We already mentioned why a party boat is the number one place to have your bachelorette party. Here are even more great reasons to book Staying Afloat for your special night (or day…

Why a Party Boat Is THE Place to Have a Bachelorette Party in Tampa

Planning the perfect, fun bachelorette party can seem like a burden. Trying to get all the girls together for a last night of excitement before married life can seem like never-ending work. While you could just get the ladies together for a Magic Mike night or bar hop, these types of nights are overdone.  This…

For Your Bachelorette Party, Why Not Rent a Party Boat?

Everyone wants to have a legendary bachelorette party, one with stories and memories that will last a lifetime. It is a last hurrah as a single woman before heading into blissful married life. It is an occasion to celebrate with your closest friends. Planning a bachelorette party? It can be an intimidating task. There are…

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