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Celebrate Your Last Night of Singledom on a Bachelorette Party Boat

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There is NO party in the area like a party boat party, so a boat is the perfect venue for bachelorette fun. We already mentioned why a party boat is the number one place to have your bachelorette party. Here are even more great reasons to book Staying Afloat for your special night (or day if you choose, so you can work on your tan while you cruise!)

Entertainment Is Included on a Party Boat

What more do you need than a cruise through the waters of Tampa Bay? Not only will you get to do some sightseeing, but you can jump in the sea for a swim. We provide two floats you can use for your party while you splash around in the refreshing water, and you can bring your own, too.

No DD? No Problem!

If you’re staying at an Airbnb or other location on the water, as long as they have a dock, your captain will pick you up and drop you back off for free! Want to stop at a restaurant or bar along the way? That’s included, too. No need to draw straws to see who will be the responsible driver or have to shell out extra money for Lyft or Uber.

Know Your (Affordable) Pricing Upfront

We offer flat rates based on your cruise time of day and length of time on the water. You’ll never be surprised with hidden fees for fuel, captains, water, or anything else. Our prices are simple, and cruises run as little as $33.33 per person based on 12 occupants per boat.

Keep Your Event Confined to Your Group & You’re In Control of What You Bring

Your cruise is limited to your group, so you have all the privacy you need for a good time. The only people onboard other than your captain will be your friends. Bring who you want, and feel free to bring what you want as well – food, drinks, and whatever else you need for a good time.

Make Your Last Sail Before the Veil One to Remember With Staying Afloat Party Boat

After you say “Yes” to the dress, but before you say “I do,” make your last night of fun as memorable as possible by booking your bachelorette party with Staying Afloat. Our captains are ready to make that happen! Call us today at (708) 986-1926, or book your cruise online for a party boat in Tampa!