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Why a Party Boat Is THE Place to Have a Bachelorette Party in Tampa

Prajakta Shukre et al. posing in front of a body of water

Planning the perfect, fun bachelorette party can seem like a burden. Trying to get all the girls together for a last night of excitement before married life can seem like never-ending work. While you could just get the ladies together for a Magic Mike night or bar hop, these types of nights are overdone. 

This is why you need to have your bachelorette party on a party boat. A party boat provides tons of fun, amazing views, and is an experience everyone will be talking about for years.

Take a Party Boat Cruise Day or Evening

Day and evening cruises are available, so you can map out an entire day of fun. If you want to, you could do a day cruise, enjoy seeing all the wildlife and miles of water, then after the cruise is over, you can hit the local clubs at night. Or, you could spend the day shopping with your girls, then catch the sunset while enjoying drinks and fun on the boat. No matter what type of pre-wedding blowout you are imagining, there is a cruise time that will make it happen for you.

Bring All Your Besties

Each of our boats can accommodate up to 12 people. Have more than 12 you want to spend your party celebrating with? We can take up to three boats together, which means you can bring up to 35 of your best friends with you to celebrate your upcoming big day! A party boat is a simple way to accommodate so many people. This is also an activity where you can bring all your besties and you know they all will have an absolute blast. 

BYOBs (Beverages, Bathing Suits, and your Best Attitude!)

Our captains supply a cruise that includes fun and bottled water. You can BYOB. Grab your favorite beer, wine coolers, or bring some easy to mix cocktail ingredients. You can also bring food on the trip, so pack a picnic or get a caterer to provide food to go, so you and your friends can really make a day of it. 

Our Tampa Party Boat is THE Place to Have Your Bachelorette Party

Our amazing captains are waiting to make your bachelorette party the best. To book your bachelorette party boat in Tampa, call us at (708) 986-1926 today.