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What Happens to My Party Boat Booking in the Event of Severe Weather?

You have done all the planning, gotten your family and friends together, and have gathered all your supplies. But, now you see a few dark clouds in the sky. You likely have been looking forward to your party boat rental for some time and really do not want to have your day ruined. 

Fortunately, cancellations are very rare and generally only happen extreme weather such as a tropical storm or hurricane is occurring. So, what happens if it is just a rainy day? Will your perfect day be ruined? The good news is it will not be! 

Our party boat captains are ready to make the most out of a rainy day and ensure you have just as much fun!

Prepping for Rain

If rain looks like it is in the forecast, there are some things you can pack to help make your trip a success. Be sure to bring Ziploc bags for your electronics, so they do not get wet. Also, grab some ponchos to have with you if you prefer not to get wet. If you plan to be in your swimsuit, this may not be necessary. You also may want to plan some fun games to play on the boat with your friends and family.

Grabbing the Sunny Moments

Usually, there will be sunny times even on a rainy day, so be sure to grab them when they happen. These sunny moments are a great time to stop, take a dip, and explore a bit. Here in Tampa, we’re pretty lucky that we average 246 days of sunshine every year! 

Food and Drinks

Be sure to bring food and drinks. Munching on yummy food or enjoying your favorite cocktail or a beer is a great way to have a blast on the trip, no matter the weather. Be sure to remember plates, silverware, and napkins. 

Awesome Attitude

Our captains are ready to help you have a good time in any and all types of weather. Be sure your group comes ready to have a good time, too! A party attitude from you will help keep the day fun, even if there is a bit of rain. 

Staying Afloat Party Boat Will Help You Party Rain or Shine

At Staying Afloat Party Boat, our goal is for you to have a great party boat experience, regardless of the weather. Call us today at 708-986-1926 to set up your daytime or sunset party boat rental in Tampa.