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5 Top Tourist Attractions in Tampa, Florida

a group of people posing for a picture next to a body of water

Tampa, Florida is a great spot for a vacation. It has beaches, shopping, museums, an aquarium, a zoo, Busch Gardens, plenty of water activities, and so much more to offer. You can bring your entire family and are sure to find and activity each of them will love. When planning your trip to Tampa, there are some top places you will definitely want to take the time to go and see between your trips to the beach and the amazing shopping centers! 

Here are the top 5 tourist attractions in Tampa that you need to check out.


  • Busch Gardens
    If you head to Tampa, Busch Gardens is a must-visit tourist attraction. There are rides, live music, various performances, and a multitude of exotic animals who are living in areas set up to resemble their natural habitat. You truly get to enter another world and see animals you might never see otherwise, and you even get the opportunity to hand feed some of the animals. 


  • The Florida Aquarium
    The Florida Aquarium gives visitors the chance to observe fish, sharks, eels, and other water life in a habitat similar to their natural one. In addition to the aquarium, there is a splash pad for the kids to use and a 4-D theater. 


  • Lowry Park Zoo
    The Lowry Park Zoo has over 2,000 animals from all over the world, an aviary, a large aquarium, and three pools that contain rescued manatees. There is also an optional safari ride, train, and family-friendly roller coaster.


  • Staying Afloat Party Boat Rentals
    If you want to get out and explore the waterways of Tampa, a party boat rental is the way to go. Party boats take you out to see various sights in the Tampa area, while also letting you take the occasional dip in the water. Bring your own beverages, food, and swimsuits, and let the party boat captain take care of the rest.


  • Museum of Science and History
    The Museum of Science and History offers an immersive experience to its visitors. Scientific principles, math, physics, and other exhibit types allow visitors to learn while having a ton of fun. They also have a ropes adventure course, an IMAX theater, and a life-sized model of the Mercury spacecraft. 

Make Your Tampa Visit Extraordinary With a Party Boat

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