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How to Have a Safe 4th of July

a group of people sitting on a boat posing for the camera

From the use of fireworks and alcohol, to the dangers of too much sun exposure, the Fourth of July can be a dangerous day. Those in the medical field know they will have a highly increased number of patients in the ER that day. 

Fortunately, there are some simple tips you can follow to keep you, your friends, and your family safe during the Fourth of July festivities on a party boat or anywhere else.

Drink Responsibly

Drunk driving causes many accidents and death every year. If you plan to party with a drink, then also plan to either stay where you are or have a designated driver. Driving while impaired by alcohol limits your ability to react to the traffic around you. Make sure to plan ahead, so you can drink responsibly. 

Follow Fireworks Safety 

Firework accidents happen every year. In 2017, there were over 12,000 fireworks accidents across the country, with eight of those resulting in death. Be sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the fireworks. Do not hold fireworks in your hand or attach them to any other part of your body and light them. Make sure they are not pointed at people or houses before setting them off. Ensure kids do not use sparklers unattended. Also, do not use fireworks if you have been drinking. Let someone who is sober do so, and keep everyone safe.

Use Sunscreen

If you are going to be outdoors for part of the day, be sure to use sunscreen. You also may want to set a timer to make sure that you reapply throughout the day.

Use Ear Plugs

If you are going to see fireworks or setting them off yourself, it may be a good idea to wear earplugs. This is especially true for kids, since their ears are still developing.

Looking to plan an awesome, safe, Fourth of July party? Book a party boat adventure!

A party boat is a great place to have a safe holiday. You can drink without the worry of driving as you explore the canals. You also are surrounded by water, making fireworks much safer as well. Call us today at 708-986-1926 to book your Fourth of July party boat adventure in Tampa today.