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What to Bring on Your Party Boat Adventure

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You’ve booked the dates, invited your friends and family, and are looking forward to having a blast on your upcoming party boat adventure. The call of a great time on the water enjoying nature and your loved ones had gotten strong, and you answered it, Now, it is time to plan the details of your daytime or sunset cruise. What do you need to bring with you to complete the party boat experience? 

Here’s what to bring to make sure you have a true party boat adventure!

Great Music

Be sure to get your playlist in order. A good party is nothing without the right music to dance to! If you bring your music, the helpful captains will make sure it is heard, You can even set up different playlists for the times you are cruising and the times you are stopped and swimming.

Yummy Food

What is a party without something to munch on? A party on a boat is no exception! Be sure to plan for foods that are easy to eat. Finger foods are ideal for this. Of course, don’t forget the chips and dip!

Your Favorite Drinks

A party needs everyone’s favorite drinks. Whether you grab a few 12 packs, some wine coolers, or some of your favorite wine, having your favorite drinks really makes a boat party shine. You get the chance to float around with your friends, sipping your drink and relaxing.

Swimming Essentials

We provide some floats, but you are welcome to bring your own if you want more. You’ll also want to have your swimsuit, as we make stops on sand bars so you and your friends can take a dip. And, of course, be sure to pack your sunscreen. You don’t want to end your party with a nasty sunburn!

A Party Attitude

Bring the right attitude with you. Our captains want to have a good time, and so do your friends and family. Come ready to party and have the time of your life cruising the canals!

Our staff is happy to help you book your party boat rental and get ready to have a blast!

We want to help you make this a party that you will never forget! Call us today at 708-986-1926 to book your party boat in Tampa today.