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Gift Dad a Sunset Cruise for Father’s Day

a sunset over a body of water

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and you probably are trying to decide what gift to get for your Dad. While you could always go with the traditional tie or “#1 Dad” t-shirt or coffee mug, he probably has plenty of those already. Why not give your Dad something he will fondly remember forever? A private party boat adventure is a great way to do that!

Get the Whole Family Together for a Father’s Day Party Boat Cruise

Your dad will love a chance to see all of his kids and their families. You can easily get them all together for a boat cruise. Also, this is a trip everyone will truly enjoy. There is so much to see and do, that everyone from the young kids to the senior adults will enjoy their time on the cruise. Give your dad a gift where not only will he have a blast, he will also get to be with all the people he loves most!

See the Sights

Your dad will love the opportunity to see wildlife and nature as he cruises around the many canals in the area. Birds, fish, and maybe even an alligator or two may pop up during the cruise. Not only that, he will get to enjoy all of this while watching the gorgeous sun setting over the water if you choose a sunset cruise! Grab a camera and take pictures that will last for a lifetime for this amazing Father’s Day gift.

Go for a Swim

Not only will your dad get a chance to cruise around and see the sights, there will be opportunities to stop and take a swim. Floats are provided, so you can even relax right on the water. This is a great chance for your dad and the family to hop out, have a splash fight, float around, and just have some great fun.


You can bring your own beverages and bathing suits. You can also bring whatever you’d like to eat, such as some finger foods for the family to enjoy while they are cruising down the water. You are welcome to bring any kind of drinks your family might enjoy, including dad’s favorite beer.

Give Dad a Gift He’ll Never Forget This Father’s Day – a Daytime or Sunset Cruise

Our captains are ready to help make your Father’s Day gift the best! Call us at 708-986-1926 to schedule your private party boat in Fort Lauderdale.