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How to Host a Dinner Cruise on a Party Boat

Prajakta Shukre et al. posing in front of a body of water

With a party boat rental, you get the opportunity to hang with your friends, family, or coworkers while taking in amazing scenery. You can stop and take a dip in the beautiful water. Fun floaties are even provided for you to enjoy! If you are planning a party boat adventure, you may want to turn it into an evening cruise with dinner.

Here are some suggestions on what to bring when hosting a dinner cruise on a party boat.


Find a caterer that will prepare dishes you can pick up and take to go. If you want the meal to be hot, you can plan to purchase warming bags that will keep the food hot until it is ready to serve. This is a great option, because it requires little effort on your part. You can pick a dinner theme, and the caterer will accommodate. You can even pick out some fun decorations for the boat that fit the dinner theme, such as luau decor for BBQ.

Picnic Style

If you prefer a more do-it-yourself approach to the dinner party, you could create a fun picnic-style dinner. Finger foods such as sandwiches, chips and dip, crackers and a cheese ball, a vegetable platter, and deviled eggs can be served. You could make potato or macaroni salad, and have a fruit salad as well. Pack it all into coolers, and you have your dinner ready to go!


If you are going to have dinner, you need to have appropriate drinks as well. You can pack your own champagne, wine, beer, or liquor of your choice – and, of course, don’t forget rehydration drinks! Make mixed drinks on the go by bringing juices along.

Don’t Forget the Silverware

You need to be sure to bring some plastic ware, good quality paper or styrofoam plates, plastic cups, napkins, paper towels, and serving spoons. Also, some trash bags will be necessary to keep it cleaned up as you go. You could even get cute plastic wine glasses or champagne flutes if you’d like.

Ready to schedule your party boat dinner cruise? Call us today!

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