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Hosting an Unforgettable Thanksgiving Party on a Party Boat in Fort Lauderdale

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When celebrating Thanksgiving, the image of a cozy dinner at home with family and friends likely comes to mind. But what if you could combine the warmth of traditional festivities with the excitement of a coastal adventure? Imagine celebrating Thanksgiving on a party boat, surrounded by the stunning beauty of Fort Lauderdale. This unique experience offers a memorable twist on the holiday, promising an unforgettable celebration.

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Choosing the Ideal Party Boat

The first step to throwing a remarkable Thanksgiving party on a party boat is selecting a suitable vessel for your event. Staying Afloat Party Boat offers a range of options. With the flexibility to accommodate different group sizes and charter durations, this option caters to various preferences.


You can opt for a 12-person pontoon boat, perfect for an intimate gathering. Alternatively, the 45-person and 90-person boats are ideal for larger groups. Depending on your schedule, you can charter the boat for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours, ensuring ample time to revel in the festivities.

The Unique Fort Lauderdale Party Boat Experience

The journey begins with a leisurely cruise around Fort Lauderdale, where you’ll pass by opulent yachts and mansions that dot the waterfront. As you share stories about the most spectacular homes, the anticipation for the day ahead builds.

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A highlight of the experience is a stop at the renowned 15th Street Fisheries. Here, you’ll have the chance to view the impressive 75+ lb tarpon that call the docks home while enjoying a refreshing cocktail.


However, the true centerpiece of the day is the anchoring at the iconic Fort Lauderdale Sandbar. This vibrant location, frequented by locals, offers waist-deep water and a fantastic atmosphere. Guests can take advantage of unicorn floats, mingle with fellow revelers, and embrace the lively spirit that characterizes this popular spot.

Features and Inclusions

The party boat experience boasts a variety of enticing features. Your private charter ensures an intimate celebration with your chosen guests. The presence of an experienced captain ensures a safe and enjoyable journey, while the Bluetooth sound system sets the tone for a lively party atmosphere.


The boat’s amenities also include multiple bathroom and bar stops, catering to the convenience and comfort of your guests. Floats and coolers are provided, enhancing the festive ambiance and allowing everyone to enjoy their time on the water fully.


One of the distinctive aspects of this experience is the “BYO” (bring your own) concept. Guests can bring their preferred food and drinks, tailoring the celebration to their tastes and preferences.

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The captain of the party boat plays a pivotal role in ensuring a memorable event. All captains are US Coast Guard licensed, guaranteeing the safety of everyone on board. Moreover, these captains are known for going above and beyond, often becoming friends with guests by the journey’s end. Their expertise and friendly demeanor contribute significantly to the overall enjoyment of the day.

Pricing and Transparency

The pricing structure for the party boat rental is designed to be straightforward and transparent. The cost includes the captain’s services, fuel, water, floats, and all taxes, with no hidden charges. Whether considering the 12-person boat with various charter duration options or the 45/90-person boats for larger groups, the value is evident in the memories you’ll create.

A Thanksgiving Celebration to Remember

Hosting a Thanksgiving party on a party boat in Fort Lauderdale offers a unique blend of traditional holiday festivities and coastal adventure. As you cruise past luxurious yachts, stop at iconic spots, and enjoy the sandbar’s vibrant atmosphere, you’ll create memories that will be cherished for years to come.


Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to combine the spirit of Thanksgiving with the thrill of a boat party. Reach out to Staying Afloat Party Boats to book your private charter and embark on an unforgettable journey that perfectly blends tradition and excitement.

RESERVE YOUR BOAT NOW: Public Ultimate Boat Tour or Private Party Boat Rental