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Why You Should Be Partying on a Boat

a group of people on a party boat in the water

Have you grown tired of being quarantined in your home? Traveling to or living in Tampa Bay or Fort Lauderdale? Then why don’t you rent a party boat?

It’s time to try something different and memorable, and parties don’t get any more epic than when their on one of our party boats in Tampa or party boats in Fort Lauderdale!

Having a get together (or rager) on a boat can be quite the experience, especially if you and your guests like music, drinks and the ocean. Plus, partying on a boat is just one of a few COVID-safe activities that you can enjoy without having to
worry about getting exposed to the dreaded virus.

If you’re still not convinced that partying on a boat is one of the best things to do in Fort Lauderdale or Tampa, here are a few more good reasons:

1) Enjoy the utmost privacy

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t particularly enjoy partying with strangers, then hosting a celebration on a boat would suit you well. This is because when the soiree is on a boat, you have complete control of who will be on board. This means there’s no chance of you or anyone else on your entourage bumping into someone else nor will you be waiting for a table or the attention of a club’s bartender or waiter. This will give your party a highly exclusive and intimate vibe for everyone.

2) You are always outdoors which means less exposure to any virus that might be circulating in an enclosed area

The feared COVID-19 virus is typically spread from one person to another when they’re in close contact. The virus quickly spreads through respiratory droplets that are dispersed in the air when people are talking, coughing, breathing and sneezing. The virus can even spread faster in enclosed areas that have poor ventilation.

Partying on a boat, though, means that you’re outside where there is fresh air that can disperse these droplets. Also, being outside offers you benefits like an emotional boost that can help you vanquish stress and anxiety. Being exposed to sunlight gives your body some much-needed vitamin D which is essential for the immune system.

3) You have a captain to manage the boat

A long night at the club usually ends with you getting so drunk that you probably need some assistance getting home. When partying on a boat, you don’t have to worry about any incidents happening since you have a responsible (sober) and experienced captain to oversee the proceedings and make sure the party goes smoothly and most importantly, safely.

4) You get to see unique sights

One of the best things to do in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale is to see the cities’ sights! Partying on a boat will let you go to numerous enjoyable destinations such as pristine white sand beaches, convenient photo op areas, and closeup mansion tours.

5) You get to eat what you want

Unlike the club where your choices are pretty limited and the prices costly, partying on a boat affords you the chance to practically eat what you want. You can also bring some salad, pasta, sliced fruit, cold cuts, some chips and salsa and yes, the drinks. All of our party boats are BYOB with ice filled coolers on every boat. There’s no end to the variety of food that you can enjoy while you’re partying on a boat.

If you’re ready to party on one of our boats then go grab your flip-flops, bring some sunscreen and get ready to have the time of your life!

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