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Throwing an Epic Bachelor Party in Tampa

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Trying to decide what type of bachelor party to throw? Want to avoid overused party ideas and throw the best celebratory night in Tampa? You NEED a party boat!

This is a time to let loose with your closest friends before your wedding and take advantage of your last bit of time as a single guy. You do not want this rite of passage to be blasé. This is a time you want you and your friends to look back on for years and talk about the craziness that occurred and how amazing it was. A perfect activity for a bachelor party is a party boat tour, and here is why.

Day or Night

There are daytime and evening party boat cruises to choose from. If you are planning on having an all-day bachelor party, you can plan a day time cruise and have plenty of time to take part in the active nightlife in Tampa. Or you can watch the sun as it sets over the water while you and your best buds get your party on. Either way, you are sure to have an awesome time! 


You have lots of party options, because we have a BYOB policy – bring your own beverages, bathing suits, and best attitudes. Pack whatever types of mixed drinks, beer, or wine your party would like. You may even want to bring some snacks to enjoy between drinks. Be sure to bring plates, napkins, and plasticware. Also, make sure you all have your swimsuits, as there are a lot of chances to jump in and enjoy a swim on your party boat adventure, and you don’t want to miss this chance for splashing around.

Sun or Swim

This is an ideal bachelor party because anyone can enjoy it. You and your boys can just sit back, relax, and take in the rays. Or, you can dance the cruise away or take advantage of swim time. Your captain is there to help make this a memorable experience, and take their cues from you for the tone of the party. So, enjoy the sun, take a swim, or do bot h- no matter what everyone is sure to have a blast!

A Bachelor Party Boat Makes Your Special Night Memorable

Ready to celebrate your last night of singlehood? Schedule your bachelor party boat tour in Tampa today with our amazingly fun captains at Staying Afloat! Book your bachelor adventure with just one phone call – 708-986-1926.